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Due to previous issues a customer encountered with a repair job at our facility, they were weary to send their hydraulic cylinders for overhauls to our Port Elizabeth facility. Many of the customer’s rigs are also in Angola. Angola’s borders are notorious for difficult customs and thus a business opportunity was identified to develop a business solution for our Angola facility and South Africa facilities to be capable of repairing large hydraulic cylinders.

I was solely tasked to develop the solution and convince the customer to buy in to the model. I completed an in depth process of identifying and auditing 3rd party vendors for chroming, machine honing and nickel plating. I have negotiated an agreement with an OEM for their technicians and tools to be deployed to South Africa and Angola. Finally I flew to the customer’s headquarters in Dubai and presented the solutions and capabilities.

Within the first two months following the presentation I have already received more than USD 820 000 worth of purchase orders for cylinder repair jobs from this customer. And there are many more to come.