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An access control system was required for multiple sites on the mine. Examples are the main pedestrian and vehicle entrances, various offices, radio tower room, logistics warehouses and substations. All of these sites were spread kilometres away from each other. The access control system’s database had to be integrated and synchronized with the access control server of HQ in Pretoria. It was required that employee changes and access rights could be edited from the Pretoria offices or any of the integrated sites all over the country.

There were six substations constructed in Johannesburg for the mine. Each substation was a combination of three containers to be transported to site by truck and re-assembled at the mine. I was required to install and commission the access control equipment in Johannesburg. The installation of the access control for the substations was crucial to be absolutely precise as to be operating when the substations were re-assembled on the mine, 850kms away.

Due to the successful implementation under harsh conditions and tight time lines of the Kolomela mine Time & Attendance project, I received achievement awards in recognition of excellence from both the client and from my company – Honeywell.